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Naked Cat


I’m in love, totally….of these amazing shots inspired by Egon Schiele by French photograph Eric Nehr for the NYTimes :

The less the French portrait photographer Eric Nehr knows about his subjects, the better. ”I select my models for the curve of a nape, the radiance of a complexion — nothing else,” he says. For ”Artistic License” on Page 102, Nehr shot this season’s expressive prints and jewel tones as an homage to the Austrian figurative painter Egon Schiele. The lanky artist’s angular aesthetic  has made him a godfather of sorts to designers like Raf Simons. ”What strikes me is Schiele’s detailed attention to clothing — the matter, the pattern and the color — that he puts on skeletal bodies,” Nehr says. (To achieve the Schiele-esque effect, Nehr hand-painted the studio’s background and then color-washed the resulting photographs with complementing hues.) His dream subject, however, fits into an entirely different category. ”I want to photograph Barack Obama — not as the new president of the United States but like an unknown person.” An exhibition of Nehr’s work will be shown at the Galerie Anne Barrault in Paris this November. ALEX HAWGOOD


Thomas Blackshear’s



catwoman movie, pre production work

Not really a tutorial but Claire Wendling has always had such a huge influence in my work. And her having a tumblr is ♥♥♥!!!


experimental for bundleoffuckingsunshine


Alexandre Cabanel “Fallen Angel” detail.


Gorgeous new series from artist Sara Golish titled “MoonDust”

MoonDust is Sara Golish’s ode to Afrofuturism and natural hair.

Connect with Sara Golish via: Webpage | Facebook